To choose a tuxedo style, you can do it one of a few ways.

  • You can go online at www.jimsformalwear.com, scroll down to Tuxedo Builder, and build a tux you like, and send the completed look to me for a price quote.
  • You can also come in to the shop for a consultation, where we can choose a style and color palate that will go with your theme, and I can quote you a price here on the spot.

For measurements…..

  • You can come in to the shop to be measured by one of our trained tuxedo helpers, OR you can be measured at any tuxedo rental store, and send the measurements in to me.
  • We can offer the option of shipping the tuxedo out of town for fitting purposes, if you wouldn’t be in town in time to have it fitted, for a small fee.

All tuxedos rented here will be required to be returned here by Monday following the event unless alternate arrangements are made in advance.


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The Flower Center in Clifton Forge Va Tuxedo Rentals

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